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Ultra Outdoor Adventures

Hiking: Trails and Rough Terrain, Map Reading Skills


Outdoor Adventures

Trail Running: Nutrition, S&C, Chi Running

Rock Climbing: Indoor and Outdoor

Wild Camping: Survival Skills

Wellness Workshops 


Contact Details:

Tel: 00 3535 87 169 7616

Web: www.ultraoutdooradventures.com

Email: ultraoutdooradventures@gmail.com

Here at Ultra Outdoor Adventures all of our staff are fully qualified and insured.

Our aim is to provide you with the best people for your chosen adventure.

‚ÄčAll our outdoor instructors have spent years gaining the relevant awards to the highest standards of education and safety.

Our qualifications range from Mountain Leader Awards, Mountaineering Instructor Awards, Single Pitch and Multi – Pitch Awards to Degrees in Sports and even Masters of Science!

We can provide you with the following for individuals, clubs, groups and corporate events.Trail running, Chi Running, Nutrition, 

Trail Walks, Hiking & Navigation, Indoor & Outdoor Rock Climbing & Abseiling.