Parking in Glendalough

The Visitor Centre (OPW) carpark

Charges apply at weekends(Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays) during April to September only (this maybe subject to change, click here for OPW) charge of €4 per car, €25 per bus and €15 for minibuses and camper vans. This charge will be refundable to Visitors wishing to visit the Visitor Centre and Monastic site and the income will be used to offset the costs of traffic control and security measures which are necessary at these peak times.

Upper Car Park

The Upper Lake car park in Glendalough is owned by Wicklow County Council and its management is franchised out. There is no entry fee to Wicklow Mountains National Park. Entry to both the National Park and the National Park Information Office are free of charge. Please note, however, that there is a charge of €4 per car in the Upper Lake car park.

Parking in Laragh Village

In Laragh village (1.5km from Glendalough) the GAA football field (take the turn towards Rathdrum and it is on the right just outside the village) will be open for parking with a charge of €5. A shuttle bus to commute visitors to Glendalough is provided. Two other parking facilities past the village of Laragh  on the main road to Glendalough(one on the left in a field and on the right up the church lane in the Brockagh Resource Centre car park) and they  will be open for parking with a €5 charge for cars more for larger vehicles. All parking facilities will be open at peak times only (Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays).

These new changes to Glendalough parking in 2016 maybe subject to change depending on the level of traffic congestion in the area.